she’s been catching traps.

she’s been turning mice to men
and then she
is clearing the room.
she is calling her men,
she is freeing them up,
she is dangling rabbits
over every starving wolf
she passes and sending them
to bed at night with a
secret word and a secret
path and a drive to
please their mistress.

she is coughing politely and
separating packs as she
grows quickly into bulbous
doom; she begins:
thank you and first
I want to say,
I deserve two boyfriends
who both have my back
and then she dresses in her favorite
knife suit and with a wink
this one’s for you.

who is the wolf and
who is the moon
and I am the witch that
controls the two?
and here’s the trick,
say it with me
and maybe it will
come true:


“full bloom”


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