what does all of this
mean to you?
she says to no one.

you say it’s important,
ask me to tell it in
l  i n  e a r    o r d e r.
I am here.
I have survived time
and cage and aged
in linear order.
my proof in
endless strength,
brimming veins
that have learned how to
vibrate, hum, cluck,
even whistle when your girl
walks by a snake
through the core
but all you see is a doe
gored in your forest and
I got to eat the whole orchard
I asked for.
are you lost or
just quiet just hiding
from the butcher inside?

 you know I’m dense,
ice cold, flush with
sharp tongue ready to puncture
someone,     i’m lush;
maintaining a sense of
dam and containment
even in my most berating
fits of temper or panic,
I manage to remain
frozen these days
like a cracking lake
you say I am
sharp and

but underneath my skin,
that blue-lace sheath,
a carnise river:
little tributaries to
the turning of the world
in linear delivery.
and you say
full of rage     and I say
you and I are from
the same place
and I start to pace
the block once more.



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