The woman studied the empty piece of foil as Marisol stood on tiptoes to reach the extra wine glasses. David was staring at the scrape on his leg and Lilian was immersed in knitting but Jack and the woman met eyes. He had a lightness to him; jovial face, always smiling and bright, blue eyes. He seemed unaffected, at least no negative effects, by the drugs. When he saw her looking, he grinned. Her mouth was slightly open, jaw set. She closed her lips together and let out a wan smile, a concerted effort to show apprehension, not warm. Not fear, but confusion. No wonder they were so cheery. They’re all on drugs. My presence is exciting.
“Here you go!” Marisol handed her a completely full glass of red wine.
Not half-filled, but filled to the brim and then walked away, her ponytail bouncing. The woman cradled it carefully back to her seat, not wanting to spill, but really not wanting to be a spectacle. Setting it carefully on the lamp table next to her, she could feel eyes again.  It was one of the only lights on in the room; a square wooden table with a lamp attached dead in the center; gaudy, but practical.When people fear attention, they generally attract it.
“So, could I ask what you guys are doing here?”
She didn’t drink any of the wine yet but sat back hands folded, curious.
“We,” Jack turned to Marisol for assistance. “We decided to get out of town for Halloween. We…rented this on Air Bnb.”
“Well,” Marisol cut in. “We are actually going to a Halloween party after this.”
“Yes, but we wanted like our own thing.”
“But it’s not exactly for Halloween, cuz we have a party we go to.”
“Yeah, but this was like…..” Jack waved his hands in the air. “Like our own Halloween.”
David continued to scratch the scrape on his leg and it was bleeding slightly. People on drugs can’t keep linear thoughts, she thought. Don’t bother asking them too many things.  
“We just wanted to have fun,” Marisol twirled her ponytail and looked past the woman out the window.
“Are we making you uncomfortable?” Lilian didn’t stop knitting as she asked.
Lilian set herself apart from the others. She was cooler though matronly to the stranger, she was disaffected.
“No, but now that I know it’s just a Halloween party, it may help me direct my story. I do realize you are all on drugs also.”
She waved her hands to the room and the room nodded except Lilian who kept knitting. I don’t know if she is actually.
“You gonna make it scary?’ Marisol giggled a little and looked back at Jack.
“I’m just gonna have fun,” she shrugged turning her attention to David and smiling, big with teeth.
David let his mouth stay open watching flames rise all around the woman not knowing if he should warn her or if he should just run. He let a smile take over his body. She’s wearing her lips tonight like waves.
“This will be fun,” he turned to Lilian smiling big and she returned his affability with a reproaching look instead.
The woman picked up the glass again and began making the conscious decision to keep an eye on all four of them equally. Have fun, something said. Yes.

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