you are hiding your scoliosis
in poses, have high heels on
and are menstruating freely
despite him.

stop trying to
make love to the camera:
just act normal
but also like you
just discovered aging and you are
a prison of adjustable skin. 
look surprised by time.
and could you please do it akimbo,
but only using a hip bend and
your eyes, back away from
yourself like a shadow.

you are a red flour beetle
but less menacing.

yes, but now I need to see just the nipple,
so pull your shirt that way.
don’t look at it,
look at me.
chin up,
legs crossed,
let’s imply something here–
don’t give the milk away.
and don’t grin, it makes you look
can you think of the most traumatic thing
that ever happened between you and
your best friend’s father?
try to cry, or at least make the motions of crying,
but then right before it hits–
call it a female orgasm.

you are doing it with microscopic
eyebrow gestures and
no pants.

MUCH better,
but now do it with just your
but also,
don’t smile.
your teeth are off-white.
and uncross those legs.
can you turn to one side?
I need a shadow that traces your buttox to tits
and then  to vagina
but I don’t want
anything else in the shot.
put your pussy out.
hips swiveled.
head down.
lips shut.


you are shivering
but grateful for the ride.
i’ll call this one
(laughter from one side)
here’s your money.
you can walk home, right?
I can’t drive you after all,
my wife just texted me..
be careful. this neighborhood is not
safe and you really should see a dentist
about that front canine.

you are nodding, dispossessed but
not evicted yet.

“Happy International Women’s Day 3/8/2014”

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