I picked up a stick and drew the R big.  I made a deal to write it.

  1. I drew not so big but with a steady hand so

it was neat and almost cursive.

it could get rained on and stomped

on, but there was my indent.

and  I stated louder.

“I call Lilith first.”

I looked up at my companion.  it is not austerity. it is commitment. loyalty is love’s true manifestation.I still have every recitation I’ve ever honored, somewhere. these things stay suckled to me like little violent chords I strum when people disappear. when I’m watching clocks at night, I take my finger and I press. it is not austerity for honor but rather commitment to an end. the pious aren’t lonely, just waiting. 

“What does Lilith represent?” she asked me, standing, looking down.

I was most comfortable in mud as a kid. now, I am just trying not to touch my face. 

“Her myth precludes that she was the first woman on Earth who rejected Adam as he tried to force her beneath him in missionary. she left to mate with demons in the sky instead.”


(there was more that I said in the chant but it is private the way things are private among friends.)

“Oh yeah. We need her,” she laughed.

we both laughed. we both laughed and I put the twig in my pocket. I still have some of my oldest recitations. shells from my first home. dirt from the catacombs somewhere. got pieces of pieces grown quite lush like well drunk ferns.

“the pious”

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