I have a recurring vision
of me on the ground
twisting string in my fingers,
delirious and the street
lights have exploded and
I swear I can’t breathe,
I swear I’m not forsaken,
I swear that my legs are jelly
blades stuck to the ground.
sir, I cannot walk anymore,
I repeat to EMT that refuses to
give me oxygen and
you materialize, screaming
I am praying for you.
you are not making it happen.
you are seeing it first. 


wait, back up,
that’s too complex.
the little girl is doing
cartwheels in front of a small
blond child but when she sees
me looking she skips in
a circle and smiles. 


but I know never to bet on
anything that talks
so I push the whole thing
aside, keep walking,
feel a bone in my knees

“nine of wands”

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