email all intentions to my rates aren’t negotiable but all services can be expanded and time added. I prefer working with people regularly for a while to get to know them, however, one time services are usual. if you want to work with me regularly, mention that in your email and I can tell you how that looks and guide you in the right direction.

I work with magic, sex magic specifically. all of my magic comes from that primal base. I am a healer by birth and a social worker by trade. I combine both my spiritual practice and rational techniques to help others break barriers. I never perform the same healing practice twice so I leave a lot open. often I synthesize, offering many services combined into one session. if you’re looking for regular healing work, the last two packages combine everything I do.

every session comes with an altar intention, or “spell.” that is something I do for all of my paying clients. I will teach you altar, ritual, intention setting, consent and boundaries with every session.



15 minute reading.
Online only.
I will send the recorded video via email.

about 40 minute tarot reading w
altar intention and intuitive channeling.
Can be done in person or
over Google hangout or Skype

Touch Therapy, Channeling and Divination:


1+ hour touch therapy (reiki) session
plus altar intention, divination and/or
About 75 minutes
In person only.
In home (cats)

Intuitive coaching, divination and channeling


Guided intuitive coaching or

divination w reiki, tarot, altar intentions
and other analysis tools.
In person, webcam or phone.
Can develop goal plan and
meet regularly or I offer one time
readings too.
Can be long distance.

The girlfriend project


For both women and men.
Breaking through sexual trauma, building intimacy, and
exploring barriers and likes with a safe partner.
Focus is consent, boundaries,
light touch, foreplay, dirty talk and addressing
kinks and forms of exploration.
Builds into organic movement w each session.
Altar intentions, tarot and divination offered.
I will not engage in these services
without  a screening phone call.





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