payment & restorative economic justice
venmo: Sarah Gawricki
Google Pay: Sarah Gawricki


deposits for services encouraged but cash is accepted. donations & tips are always accepted and appreciated any time for anything. restorative justice is the laborers, the emotional laborers, who have done it for free their whole lives, especially femme laborers, taking back what’s theirs and demanding reparation for their unpaid labor. not including the services I render, I offer free labor all day by exposing predators online, exposing the violations of men, and putting myself on the line by publicly outing dangerous men and highlighting sex work constantly at my own expense. I am often censored, reported, harassed, targeted and many of my pictures and statuses are removed, marked as inappropriate.

I have had sensitive material screen-shotted on my private accounts that I spent months vetting so I would feel safe. violation. I have posted many things on social media that have drawn attention to me in ways that could hurt me later. I have spent years exposing predators. my rates are non negotiable. I do not barter for services. if I want to barter, I will initiate. I tolerate zero abuse.


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