Sarah Gawricki.
IG: datura_moon_ or personal: the_hard_moon
twitter: datura_moon_
facebook: (and if you’re local, join my group All Resources Philly)
To find out more about my work and activism in harm reduction,
follow my work page(s):

IG: the_Sol_Stories

I am publishing a series of poetry and short horror that unfolds into a long horror story split into about five books. the blog is a preview of what I am working on. I also ghost write, create web content, manage social media, design workshops, and presentations, pamphlets and toolkits, teach consent to cismen, and help with other forms of community organizing.

I also expose predators on the regular. email me w your predator story and I will post in on my social media.

all of my other healing packages are posted on or through my patreon

*childbirth educator
*reiki master practitioner/teacher
*former social worker
*altar practice
*sexual surrogacy


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