I’m a panther wearing
the sky at night
and it’s a slow stalk I
when I am resting
you see nothing.
when I am present
the first thing you notice
enter your floor:
yellow eyes like gold
hovering in front of your nose
and a black, velvet paw
lazily trailing its way
to your headboard;
rest her swords
right next to yours.

but in the sun
I’m thirsty,
let me finally be a
rose about it:

dew sprung,
rained on in
blood red gown,
arms up and
opening ready for the
shears, the pluck,
the touch.
something always
something sniffed and
often picked
even hidden behind fences
in your neighbor’s yard.
even hidden behind metal and
further than that,
as far as I can get,
and you can’t see me yet
but I’m sending bees
to woo you with their
and I’m lined in
warning thorns.



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