She hit him hard with the paddle before he had a chance to speak.
“Ow! Fuck! Why did you do that?”
He looked over at her.
“No, not fair.”
She set the paddle on the night stand.
“All is fair in sex and war.”
“I’m onto you.”
She walked towards the door. Her heels made sound and they hadn’t before. At some point during the last story, she had put stilletoes on.
“Where are you going?”
She kept walking without turning around.
“You only get one question and I didn’t respond to that one.”
She turned to face him at the door.
“Why did I do it? Because I could.”
They stared at each other. He felt the sting from the paddle on his left thigh, fading.
“You’ll love the next story. You may recognize it. It’s The 13th Story.”
He looked puzzled.
“No, it’s the third story.”
She smiled.
“Oh maybe you are catching on.”
She winked and walked out. He felt the sting from the paddle disappear. He replayed her words you may recognize it. He listened to her heels clack down the empty hallway further away from him. He wanted to call her a bitch out loud but was scared she could still hear him somehow.

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