I don’t remember this but my mom said that I borrowed my money
from my brother to hire the  best DUI lawyer in town. The one in all the commercials. I don’t remember this.  But how could I? I had hit my head once on a metal railing and then again against my steering wheel driving 45 miles an hour?My car was covered in battery acid and I still had to pay to get it out of the impoundment.

“Everyone hates drug addicts. “

I said this driving my car to the lawyer.

“You drove here?” He said. “They took your license. You aren’t allowed to drive.”

I looked at him puzzled like the way a puppy looks at the red ball for the first time.

“Don’t tell me anymore,” he said.

Oh but so hard not to. What I wanted to say was I’m still drunk from last night. I let it be and drove home anyway. When the will to live is low, you drive over bridges so fast.

And I lived through that.

How to forget everything  day 6”

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