I once made up a long, long thing.
I only like the authentic and
I’ll list my seven values.
seven is the number of creation and
eight is the number of stopping.
nine is the manifestation
of hope before your eyes and
ten is when you sit with someone
by a lake for a long time
and then they kiss you.


  1. organic experiences
    2. freedom
    3. love
    4. organic expression
    5. kindness
    6. generosity
    7. truth


I do not lie.
if I ever told you I loved
you I was lying but I had convinced
myself first.
it’s not my problem I live in a
womb of delusion.
I asked for your help and I was tapped by
a ghost you know to do it.

otherwise, what would have stopped you
from driving without

that seatbelt? 

you reckless
fucking moron,
drinking and driving
and fucking eighteen year olds
with pride.

“the extinguisher”

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