Exam question #1, word problem

Photographer X shows up to a hotel room for a content trade with a model he knows is an escort, high, forty five minutes late (although he had asked if he could come late and the model pushed back an appt to accommodate)* She has regrets about not asking him about his policies and this is the first time she has booked a photographer without asking him about how many pictures he usually gives, work ethic, etc. but she goes a long with it. He has a high following and his portraits look good. It’s good exposure. He has sent her a mood board of mostly nudes but she has picked out a few outfits. He is visibly high upon entering . When she asks where he was this morning, he said sleeping. He was late because he wanted to sleep. Model pushed back paid appt because Photographer X wanted to sleep.
They begin and she regrets it because he is overly flirty, touches her once without asking to reposition her (she quickly tells him to ask before touching her), he has zero input about shoot and checks his phone every time she goes to get something else to change into. He begins relatively quickly to tell her that he can tell she wants to fuck him. She refutes this quickly by saying

“I haven’t fucked anyone for free in a while.”

She continues to redirect but is feeling anxious by both his flirting, his distraction and it reminds her of all the times men used her for sex. She has set aside time for this shoot, time she could get paid and pushed back an appointment for this. She redirects him playfully, almost flirting, but still firm and makes it clear this is a shoot so she can get the shots she wants. She asks if she can have more fun poses but tells him to remain professional. She begins with the dildo.

He is clearly turned on and she is clearly a dominant woman. She enjoys fun pictures and is trying to make the best of what seems to be a triggering confrontation. He asks her if she is turned by playing with herself and she says no and scoffs at his constant encroachment. He says many flirty things and it is clear he is interested in having sex with her. She had mentioned her rate already so there is no confusion.
His camera has 4k so she shoots a masturbation video with him for her porn page. This is what she does for a living. She makes porn and sells content. She also charges for sexual liaisons. All of this has been made clear to Photographer X.  When they begin, he touches her leg several times to physically move her for the shot which she ignores until he rests his hand on her thigh and she swats him away because they are in the middle of shooting and she can’t say anything or else it will be on film. When they are done, she has to tell him to physically back up two feet and then wiggle her way around him as he doesn’t move much to get out of her way. This is the second time she has told him to back up two feet. He asks to fuck her. She says

“Let’s review consent. Ask if I want to fuck you.”
“Do you want to fuck me?”
“No. What else?”
“Do you want to suck my dick?”
“Do you want me to go down on you?”
“Can I masturbate in front of you?”
“Sure, if I can eat popcorn and watch.”
He laughed but continued to push.
“I mean, while you masturbate.”

The answer was no. Over and over no. He wouldn’t stop and the shoot had stopped. He hadn’t shot that much or seemed interested in shooting. He made it clear over and over he was turned on and they barely shot.

She asked him,
“How many models have you fucked?”
“That’s personal.”
“As a model and with all of this, I have a right to know.”
He submitted immediately, “About three or four but that’s not why I shoot.”
He is 28, attractive, claims to close on million dollar houses, and does this as a hobby.

 Before he left, she said
“Send the footage right away.”
He said he would and she said
“I will remind you.”
He said he didn’t need reminding.
She said “ The only thing you are scared of is God, right?”
“I am a witch of God.”
It has been three days and he has not sent her the footage. She followed up once after forty eight hours politely to remind him and he responded
“I will later on.”

On the third day, she told him it makes her super uncomfortable when men hold onto footage like that, reminded him she had made it clear before he left she wanted it fast and asked him to state when he will send it. She is trying to relax and not become angry and get mired in anxiety or tell him how uncomfortable he made her feel the entire time but she had made time to shoot but the question is:

          Who is to blame?

Bonus for extra credit:
Why did she mention she was a witch of God?

*This is a true story.


“the black book”

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