I’ll repeat this, I have very little recollection of the mechanism. All I knew is I was suddenly in mid air about eight feet off the ground and that there was a wolf below me already. What I didn’t see, suspect or plan for was the woman’s voice suddenly close to me.
She was behind me. I was cradled like a caterpillar or a fetus, however you want to look at it when she said “hey” casually like I was in her seat or path and I kind of started to twist her way. I was dangling, upside down and squished. This trap was designed for smaller prey. Or maybe it was just cozy.
“How are you doing?” I heard her say.
Spinning. I was spinning, dangling from a tree. There was a wolf beneath me and a woman in black, I could see,a big black parka acting so casually, I began to tear up without notice.
“You’re out here alone.”
“My friend is dead.”
I did snap once. I wish I hadn’t. That temper. That slow building temper of mine, and no sentiment.
“So you’re alone.”
I could see her now but I was definitely still twirling. I could only see her bangs and pale face. I could also see two more people walking up behind her.
“These are my dogs,” she said.
I continued twirling. The propulsion of the net had me  in motion. It was hard not to throw up but there was nothing to throw up. It was hard to keep footing in the air. I couldn’t stop spinning. I hoped she couldn’t see my face; the tears wouldn’t break. They’d just sting. I blinked.
“These are my friends.”
As I spun back, I saw the dog that had trotted over return to my friend’s body. Almost prancing, she sort of hopped like it was a performance. It was fuzzy, everything, but the vision of her on the ground and one of them distinctly pulling her arm out of the socket was clear. There was no sound in the woods except a light creak from the tension of the rope and my body weighing down the branch as it moved, the woman’s voice as she pleased and a cracking sound as my friend’s arm was ripped from her body.
“What do you know? That could be you.” she said.
“What do you seek?”
To be in a hot hot bath away from here.
“Can you speak?”
Tears welled in my eyes and it stung and my arm would fall asleep if I stayed like this. I was scared to move, afraid any reaction to her would infuriate her. Psychopaths made sense to me. They are triggered by both defiance and submission so it’s best to walk lightly, carry a prayer. I tried to shift without her seeing but it was impossible. I felt two hands grab the net near my coccyx to stop it.  She was a giant or
“There are wolves all over these woods.”
The two women behind her began to let out howls, loud, in my ear and then roaring laughter Startled, I finally moved my arm so I was no longer sitting on it.
“You heard them earlier didn’t you? These are my dogs, but my dogs kill and attract wolves, foxes, sometimes a coyote.”
I felt movement, then I was being spun around again to face them. Three women, all in black parkas and boots, mean and not my friends.
“We can cut you down and you can come with us, or you can hang out here and wait for some hunter to save you.” She looked up at the sky and sneered. “It’s black as death out here. What hunter is near?
Even in confusion, I took notice. My senses were heightened actually. Striking and strict and I couldn’t see her shoes but I bet they were thick soled and properly fitted and she was made for whatever this was.  She had green eyes, black bangs, and burgundy lips like she had just applied matte lipstick to them which didn’t even bother me. Whatever she was we were not the same but I was enthralled and worried at the enamoration. My arm hurt and I was freezing and her eyes were blazing pines in my way.
“Or you could freeze to death. Hopefully, faster then each animal will pick at you. “
I barely noticed her friends. She looked down at the ground and then up at me.
“It’s only about six feet off the ground.  Long dogs can get that. Foxes can wait.”
Without any warning, she turned to walk away. Her friends followed suit. I heard the cracking of bones in the distance. If I could smell blood like them, I would have. It was everywhere.

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