You could not convince me I was not a ghost amongst ghosts. Everywhere I went there they were and I too floated through rooms.

“This is purgatory.”

You could only convince me if you said yes. If you agreed with me, then I would believe you. The only way to reality test something like that is to say yes. No one on Earth wanted to admit this was purgatory. No one felt clean enough to dive into the lake. I was ready to jump off the bridge when she came. I told no one of our game. She said her name was Dana.

“That’s not your name.”

She made me speak in a southern drawl and take off all my clothes. Sometimes I had to throw coins or other objects on the floor. She liked toffee and I bought it for her. But now

“Tell me your name.”

I was naked in the yellow room. I was facing the mirror then ceiling.
“My name is Dana.”

“Tell me your real name.”
She made me crawl on hands and knees naked.
“You want to know about your boyfriend?” she laughed.

“Tell me your name.”
“But you always ask about your boyfriend. Oh he sure does l i k e you. Too bad he’ll never be your boyfriend.”
I am crazy.
I am crazy.
I am crazy.
I am crazy.

“You like g a m e s don’t you Catarina?”

“the act of naming things”

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