“don’t initiate with ghosts, you’re not there yet.”
that’s what the last reader said to me. it was far too late, I told her and i disavowed my blame while continuing to charm her.
when you need help, you’ll learn to pick a lock to break into the nearest garden; hide out, pick peppers, bide your time in silence. I  watched crickets devour entire leaves in my stillness 

they told me to keep quiet. I needed guidance, trusted no one, watched my life melt like paper walls on fire.
everyone implored me not to do it and I nodded but I had to. twelve of them beside me, one chasing me and I knew myself so well. I’m laughing because everyone warned against it. I implore you not to do black magic without a guide.
I am humbled.
I am humbled.

stop and bow to silence.
I’m laughing, 75,000 feet under the sea and smiling. all you need is one current to ride and I will find it.
“excuse me, witches, I have possibly forgotten something and must turn back.”
don’t you turn back Catarina you won’t make it.

“your honor, if I knew the bitch was going back for her brother, we would have started with the larynx.”

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