did a mouse steal your tongue?
am I the cat dragging it back
with an allusion to love
for the one who keeps her
hanging in a net, chained
to a bedpost while you
burn the place down.
you never entertain me with your stories.
I never leave your crystal balls alone:
knock them about and keep them
hidden from you.

but I slaughtered that mouse.
yeah, i ripped it’s throat clean
out, trapped my bitches in the
basement until nightfall.
didn’t I kill for you?
isn’t trial love?
a more violent truth serum
I offer than most; I rip answers
with my sudden eruption of flames
directed your way
(but hey you stoked it)
but I leave some blue vervain
on the dresser to soothe you,
mention it’s good for clarity and
joint pain.
no burn salve, something
slightly bitter.
 final act of cruelty.
you chose solution in someone else,
and the lie.
I chose to withhold an antidote to your
meek eternity.
had I said “I love you despite what
you’ve done to me “
I know you would have stayed.

but vengeance tastes sweeter
than pride as you’ll soon
see. the way I devour,
the way I spit you back up.
the  way I make you

taste yourself.
you? you will know
me by my title.





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