Another ok was heard from a doorway and off I ran to find my dog, her stick, our battle. It’s true I always had friends. Even in my weirdness, awkwardness, when I was called a “dork” by an eight grader with pretty hair, I was popular. I used to purposely sit next to whoever 

I thought the cutest guy in class was every year. Throughout the year, I would whisper him jokes, secrets, weird things just for him. He was always popular, on a sports team or a bad boy or something elusive. He never dated me or asked me to a dance but the same guys always found themselves sitting next to me, even in other classes or would move towards me bit by bit. They laughed. We had inside jokes. They always asked if I would sign their yearbook. When I got mine back, they always included the inside joke. I was not without friends or flirtations. I was just strange.

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