I showed up that Saturday as we had agreed upon. I never break promises. This makes me “dorky” my brother says but if we made plans, I believe somewhere that we still have them. I waited until 12:00 before heading to Leana’s house.
“You’re already dirty,” she said through her screen door.

“You want to come out and play?”
She turned around to look over her shoulder.
“Sure, hold on.”
She closed the big white door in my face and I rocked back and forth eyeing her dad’s boat. I didn’t hear the door reopen but I did hear a squeaky voice through the screen.

“Hi Aaaavvaaa.”

“Hiiiii Jaaaaackkkkk,”I slowly turned around.
“Jack!” and i flicked the screen with my fingers.
“Jack move!”
Leana swung the screen open and I could see her little brother in only his underwear.
“What do you want to do?”
“Want to go in the ditch?”

She shrugged and we headed towards the abandoned house down the street where we cut through sometimes if we thought her parents might be watching.

“I’m going to Ava’s!” she screamed and slammed the door shut.

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