January 2, 2020

Yesterday was fruitless. I drank too much coffee, now, and have decided to add weed to temper which has led me here in the middle of Fourth and Christian by noon and I am stumped. I think I should check the time but I know what time it is.
“It is 12:02.”
An elderly woman passes me but makes no gesture towards me so I assume she didn’t hear me declare the time out loud.
“How long will I do this?’
And a man says, “Excuse me.”
I am too high to engage.

It is 5:57 and I haven’t eaten and I am on my second walk. The weather is 37 degrees and the power has gone out on one block. I am taken by this block. In a stupor, mouth agape, I gaze up at the streetlights. It is only this one block that I have found. I am high again but emboldened.
“Excuse me,” I march up to two men talking. “Is this power only out on this block?”
“Eh, I don’t know, I was just texting Mikey over on Glean to see if they have power. I think it’s a couple of us.”
They eye me like I’m a new hot appetizer and I smile.
“Do you live here?”
“Yes, over there,” I gesture. “We have power, I was just curious. There’s been no storm.”
They nod but don’t engage any more turning to each other and continuing their conversation like I have stepped aside. But I have not.
sometimes things just go away.
“Take care,” I head towards Glean.

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