She heard screams as she passed Sunside Community Center. She knew it was some sort of retirement home and decided it was the least likely place for what she was looking for. Curious though, she paused to listen to the screams. She was trying not to walk on the sidewalk just in case so she was outside someone’s window, skulking around the back. There was a bunch of panic and yelling and she felt it.
“I do not envy those nurses.”
Decidedly, she kept walking. Her outfit was practical: big black parka, big black boots, black hat, black leggings, but her posture was suspect. She really didn’t want to attract any attention. Pursuant, she could walk for miles as long as she kept her mind occupied.
Alligator. Aardvark. Antelope. Anteater. Arachnid. Damn.
“Can I say Allosaurus?”
The snow hit her eyelids and stung.
Allosaurus. Albertosaurus. Ankylosaurus.
Thank god my mother bought me all those animal books.
No, mira, don’t think.
Ant. Alligator snapping turtle.
She watched her boots march through the snow pausing at the edge of the yard and the street.
She began to traverse the neighborhood, leaving hers behind, meeting theirs and reciting.

“the woman who walked for miles”

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