“Wait, I’m sorry,” Marisol started shaking her hands. “YOU get to make a rule.”
She pointed at the woman.
“A rule?”
“Yeah, earlier I said best but I meant first. The first storyteller makes the rules of the game. Liiike, if you want a theme for the night, you know, only stories about worst firsts or a story about how you got here,’” she held her hands out. ”We can all do the same thing.”
“Ok. Umm.”
“We can make suggestions.”
“It’s ok. I have an idea. Since you’re guessing, I imagine you want a few extra details and to challenge me as well.”
“Definitely,” Marisol said, grinning.
“After the first story, I’ll let you ask me one question to get clarity. Only one question before you have to guess at the end.”
“As a group?”
“Hmm. I thought individually, but group is more pressure. Kind of fun.”
Marisol beamed and sat upright in a fawning position, leaning her body closer to the woman. Jack began to watch them.
“A group,” Jack said. “Then we would have to deliberate in front of you.”
“Well, then maybe you’d sneak a peek at my reactions and I’d give it away.”
“Something bit me,” David said.
“No, David, it’s the acid.”
“You’re on acid?”
“No, something bit me look.’
David began to lift his pants above his ankle.
“There’s a spider in the cabin,” Lilian said.
“What?” Marisol said.
“Wait, you guys are all on acid?”
“Look,” David said.
There was a tiny red welt, like a mosquito bite.
“It was warm earlier. Were you out?”The woman asked.
The assurance of the question was dominating.
“I think I will have a glass of wine,” the woman said. “Just to catch up slightly if everyone is on acid.”
She stood and Marisol mirrored her happy to pour her a glass. David looked at his leg and saw a scrape where there had been a bite. There was no welt, it was a scrape from when he had climbed the tree earlier. The woman stared at the empty piece of foil on the table. Nothing left. They’re all on acid.

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