Vision of me being young and asking for Lilith and at the shore the rocks and looking up at her and she was huge and growing taller. I was wearing the striped dress I always wore as a five year old and looked just like my five year old self . I saidI said I’m heartbroken and beckoned her to hold me with my mind like I always do.  I felt her surround me. I said rip my hands off rip them off and she was big and growing bigger and then the three of them were there: Hecate Lilith and Artemis like I pictured them so I could see them in visions. artenis.  being in all white as usual and Hecate being in all black. Artemis was the shortest. They were on the rocks just out of my reach deliberating over my preparedness. Hecate said “maybe it is time, she has been devout” then suddenly We are on the cliff, they said they were going to push me to make it easier. I said no I have to jump or it doesn’t count that’s what you said; then i face the ocean and the cliff became even taller, so tall it was implausible and I had to land between the three rocks. I fell deep in the water and kept going further and further. there was nothing in the water. No animals, just black water and I could feel myself floating. Lilith said nothing, notice there’s nothing. There was a mirror on the bottom and Lilith told me to look in it. I saw myself five years old and then a sea lion mouth open behind me then she said let the shark eat you and I let the shark eat me and he took me somewhere and spit me out.His stomach was cold and full of water but there was nothing ominous.

She said this is the bottom and I fell upwards again and was back on the island w the man in the red and white and this time his trbe attacked me. I said forgive me show me mercy and he said mercy? I was on a pyre. One of the women was hovering over me, the same one that helped me before. I thought the man was another person based on an old reading I had received, an old lover that I harmed in a past life and began to apologize for an old transgression never made clear and saw myself  stabbing him in the neck, in the front, the blood gushing:
I promised him i would never see him again in any life ever. Our paths will never cross. I waved my hands in front of his eyes and a very mild fog appeared, and then I was taken to the warehouse except it was empty then a stage just for me that first had someone singing then quickly cut to a projection that  said never gonna happen.  then I ran through a field in the city that Had two deer with glowing eyes and then back underwater. I felt the need to jump again and then back to the island where he was there. I said I told you i’d never see you again. Why are you here? He had blue eyes was very dark and thin wearing black garb. a black tunic.  We were the same height His skin and garb matched but his eyes were blue.  He was older in His seventies, He said maybe I’m not redacted. I said then who are you?
 He said I’m  elegua. we are your ancestors
The twenty minute nap on the plane and the first male god to ever present himself to me and consistently

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