seventeenth set is most definitely
about you. I diverge
from any given task
when I am suddenly feeling

and really I do hope;
the crux of all disappointment
is the expectation and I want
(is an understatement)
to be seen without pressure.
I hope you find all this gaucherie

I find it excruciating
to long and wait,
to even stand
near a thing I admire.
I like starting things,
putting them out.
the easiest thing I learned
was the alphabet and how to 

string sounds together
like narratives,
to read.
is what I crave.
my mother rushed me to
the sink at five years
old; I laid my finger
flat on the side of
the metal barrel,
it was full of leaves
and burning.

as we removed evidence
of the crisp and
precipitous October,
my mother noticed
my gaze, said “Sarah,
do not touch it” and then
I touched my finger
to the flame.
it was the brilliant orange
that drew me and force,
contained like that
right here in our backyard.
shapeshifting to a final
face like
me, armed with words,
a hot knife
and all warmed up,
having sliced through
tendon before  and you just
seeing me form the language
of concision,
the succinctness of
one scream:

crisp and precipitous,
and you just
soft like warm butter.


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