My name is Lilian,
I begin.
Short for Liliana.
Liliana isn’t that long
but it’s not a puritan name.
he nods.
I am choosing to document what
happened from beginning to end.

For clarity,
he interjects.
Can you explain what you mean
by what happened?

I don’t mention that he interrupted
me, that I was explaining it.
instead I smile sweetly and
say of course,
I am going to tell you the story
of how I secretly murdered three men
and got away with it.

this was years ago of course,
I wave my hands over the table.


he nods.

he has already told me that if I want him
to stop recording I just hold my hand up.
I smile.
I smile.
I smile, and a sweet voice
I take a deep breath and begin
to tell it all in linear order.
my first instinct is to freeze,
then fight then flee.

then confess everything.


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