I began by rewatching all my old
videos to find my motivation:

there are three in particular that stick out.
light play
and the ace of wands in scorpio
where i dress like a ballerina and
chant over and over
for a male audience
“I watch myself with grace
and patience.”

if he decides to ask how I felt when
I heard that, it was floored.

the woman on screen,
who I decided is not me
but a derivation
of some form of me
then proceeds to

when she comes to me,
when she shows me what i should be,
the domme, the alpha,
the lead; what do you believe about


I say:
I am datura moon
out loud.

right after that
i hear her say

I am a dancer.
I am quite flexible.
irate when challenged
yes, like all good cats.
I am a princess you
see, a real princess.
what have you been dreaming about?

“ace of wands, new moon in scorpio”


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