the next video I watch of myself
she says “It is my favorite month.
It is Libra season;
the season of air,
soon to be Scorpio
as you know that is my
Halloween is my favorite season.
It is the celebration of the dead,
resurrection of the dead;
the ancestors we refuse to look
and talk about.
I am here to remind you
that I burned a sigil for this.
For this month, for this year,
for this spell coming at you
right now like a slow sidewinding
hell like a snake, like a scorpion,
like a spider in a broom,
like it’s datura like a moon,
what fresh hell is this?
like a dinosaur on my body,
exploding. ”

things get closer and I run.
I am still in the hole,
my eyes are green,
I am thirteen years old.
I am watching myself
rise from a well.
I am watching the sky turn red.
I am watching myself
with grace and patience
waiting for me to
watch myself.

the last thing I hear of her
“I assure you I am real.
I assure you I am long.
I assure you of my strength
in siren song.
I assure you of the power
of reverse.
the power of a curse.
I burned a sigil for this. ”

“the well”


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