the incantation

(thank god I found it. this is an old incantation)


“Yes, I understand the agreement.”

I got up from my position on the carpet and stood facing my front door. Lifted my hand, palms out and began to recite my incantation.


Let there be no pause between us
from here to then,
both facing the same path.
I will guide you to the treeline
and meet you at the edge.
I hold nothing in my hand:
no sword, no rose, no token
of my past.
Let us meet there in silence
and at night. 

I will save you from what you’re running from.
You will give me something to run towards. 


And as I spoke, a divider appeared on my door. One one side, you with your hands to the wall and on the other side and further my own body emerging from the trunk of a tree, distance between us, distance I had to cross. 


And when you finally cross the threshold,
let us meet each other in silence
and at night.

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