dream I was inside of crystals. they were healing me and I was healing them.

to do: continue to use pastels, continue to draw borders, continue to write, try to rest, don’t worry about school, don’t worry about work, get almond milk, complete paperwork but rest.

I bought art supplies in New York and nice white  thick cardstock with envelopes. like blessings to mail. they were decorative.  I began to rewrite poems on them and dot the edges with flowers growing up a vine. today I had chosen a  simple on by St. Francis.


“The result of prayer is life. Prayer irrigates the Earth and heart.”

I had a restless time in New York. Before Hanukkah dinner, I was invited to hang out upstairs with Alexandra and my friend. Alexandra lived upstairs, my friend lived below. Alexandra told us that a ghost had been there. that everything was on the fritz and she was running behind. she felt a very negative presence that started today. I had a hard time keeping focus as I was a little high but the edge of my ear became a whisper then a tingle then a soft chill climbing down my neck  and back, as Alex said “and you know who it is?”  she was telling a completely different story now. a man whispered in my ear  “who is it?”

I didn’t make a fuss about it but I gently discouraged them from breaking out the ouija board after dinner. just stating there’s too many people here. 

later in the middle of the night, in a dream, I was standing in the living room upstairs staring at all her plants.  i had been drawn to it as it looked like a conservatory. 


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