She’s plugging the neon wand into the wall.

“So…I can talk now.”

He didn’t quite raise an inflection so it could be seen as declarative but she brushed it off.


She has decided to use the accessory that looks like a comb.

“One question.”

“One question.”

She allowed it, leaving the paddle inside waiting to hear the raise of the voice, the peak  with the mark at the end. She turns the wand on near his ear purposefully so all he can hear is the buzz. He inhales a bit. She waits.

“What’s that?”

She combs his chest hair and watches him squirm.

“My electric wand and boy, you just used your only question.”


She runs it down his stomach close to his groin.

“Guess it’s time for our next story.”

He moves a bit, which is as much as he can in the restraints.

“It’s called The Woman Who Walked for Miles.”

She begins to move the comb down his legs and sits comfortable next to him.

“One question. Repeat after me: I may only ask one question in between each story.”

His lips are parted and his arms are dotted with goosebumps.

“I may only ask one question in between in each story.”

“Good boy.”

She kissed his lips and began.




Call me the watch tower. Call me two shots and the second one takes days to hit.  I let a finger trail over his jeans on the way inside. 

“I’ll take banana,” I said to the unkempt young white boy behind the counter. 

I brush shoulders with the two near the entrance.. I had finished the sorbet and was licking the stickiness off the side of my hand. 

“I love this song,” I mumbled out loud turning my noise cancelling headphones up more and I didn’t even feel the guy try to grab my bookbag as I stepped off the curb towards the giant red hand. I did see the bus though. The last thing I heard was the horn; not the violent crescendo I wanted but


 Perhaps the violent crescendo I deserved.

“The Woman Who Walked for Miles”

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