It is refreshing to be out here. Elbows creak as I stretch them, pop. Joints delineate from their socket. I’ve been stuck in stone. Kick my left leg out and drop the brown jasper. Fuck. Just think things today.  Brace it between my middle and index finger of my right hand, the more dexterous of the two.  Still clutching the seltzer bottle, I gulp down the rest to have more flexibility. More literal wiggle room. 


“What would you like me to do today, dark lord Lilith?” I ask in a bit of a British accent,  tossing the bottle into the trash.

Check to see I still have the jasper. I have a ceremonial leer and a black lace dress to match, bright orange sneakers that don’t make a sound and a bit of a tall stalk if I don’t have to crouch. When he turns the corner, I turn the corner.  Walk steady.  Keep about twenty feet between us and I don’t hum out loud. When he turns the corner, I turn the corner.  It’s true, I’m a bit avaricious. Also only contented as victor: battled, but crowned. I have a giant red stitch going down the side of my right ribs from where my body caught metal fence.  Keep about twenty feet between us.. Turn my headphones down. Keep at least fifteen feet between us and when he stops at the stop sign, I loll and time-tested, it’s true, I can walk for miles. 



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