I scream in the corridor,
as you pick up the AC you
left and make your way
to your fifth meeting of the week.
me? I’m
chilling in bed, reading Louise Erdrich
and when you see me again,
I will be serrated.

all day long I do equations
in my head.
as I walk to the laundromat
shifting the hamper beneath me,
I think about how many quarters I brought
and what that will get me doubting
my skill– yet every month,
I still have some left in my cup.
what chore is coming next.
I need to wash the windows
and also I’m ankle deep in someone
else but that might
be conjecture
I think as I place the bin on the
ground knowing I have two more
at home and three flights of stairs
and I think       that’s an understatement

I think.

1. (mercury in Virgo in First house)

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