start the day at dawn.
this begins soon after the new year,
I start the day at dawn.
drink a whole french press.
make meaning of Spotify friend feed.
write my dreams.
scrawl a divined theory.
walk miles in the snow,
no gloves.
begin to touch them.

begin to mark my hands with notes.
begin to brush them as I pass.
begin to order from the local
coffee shops;
sixteen ounces plus croissant
to nibble on all day.
begin to trudge two miles back.
begin to stare them down.
begin to spin the happy thought of us
into some landing, or
monumental ache.
always waiting.
begin waiting.
begin waiting.

begin to send you my thoughts
about it, first,
via mind
then via dream
then begins the texts.

“the walks”

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