I am practicing the arch of my eyebrow and black lipstick, smooth,  without proper training which can be messy. both of these places on my face need work and today, I  take the angled brush and dip into the brown powder. small amount. take the q-tip because I always need it. find an aristocratic line. take the Carmex. make it smooth. take the tube. smile. suck my finger. (remember you). see a black ring. take the rag and wipe it. purse my lips. my cheekbones are a subtle brown called darling and everything else about me is real southern.

“hello,” I practice.

my dress is collared white but everything else black–boots, stockings, gloves, hood.  it’s tepid out. I don’t need any real or mock wool. everyone is out and that makes this easier. I am volcanic.

“hello,” I say to a little girl dressed like a princess.

brush her father’s arm. don’t turn around. you already know.


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