but to you there’s no difference between
decimation and the resolve so you’re
palms out begging for it
and here comes the reaper
wearing your blood.

you are God-drawn,
testing yourself and
wrapping lovers in
what white eyes you have
even in blackness,
even in malice you take
the time to care:
line their wrists in violet,
mugwort, alyssum.
crown them in tourmaline,
rose quartz and apophyllite.
              it’s your gift we’re after
hear them clap.
become the madness for
them; deliver asylum and
I love you.
it is always me on the hearth
learning chants and you
tall, wickless and
unburned beside me
so I can’t see unless I
set myself on fire
and you remember the
bind you’re in.
what it’s all about.
I already said:
     it’s the titles you should
        be looking at.
“this unfolds reversing” or “in pyre”


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  1. The dark depiction is utterly delightful! Gave me goosebumps as a reader 😍. Thank you for sharing such an intense post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 😊


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