we are sharing visions.

during our forced intermission,
I became a lantern,
my own crucifixion
paused to grow my
sparkling spine and
walk forward
slaughtering everything hidden
with a wave of my hand, focused
eyes; I having been reborn with bone
like wand, am
turning mice to men
and then turning men
to wolves to find

the queen is fat now
gorging herself with army;
the war you begged for
and are bound to get
is here on time.
I gather every friend I know
and share my plans
for combat enticing each one
with a different reward.
this is the queen you
asked for:
acerbic communist,
generous with her
violence, but you are
final futile hours
picking berries in the

sniffing tulips and then
screaming at her flowers
being swallowed by the ground
 (switch places)
an earthworm bit her
and Pallas came with reminders,
a sello from the water
speaking in her native tongue:
ways to blow direction,
ways to conjure storms.
oh, here it is again,
that little lie about
she goes.

but she
goes and keeps
her head above that dirt.

“magician reversed”


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