I was in a house with a girlfriend,
packing. we needed to prepare to get out of there.
there was a flood coming
but earlier I was in my hotel room somewhere else,
in a wig that had become my hair I wore it so much,
it was really me and I was thin, I looked thin.
they always say I look thin.
dancing in front of the mirror and not scared
that at any moment I may see a ghost.

I looked like a ghost: pallid face and wan body and I just
moved autonomically.   I kept dancing and suddenly in a fit,
I threw myself out into the hallway and ran across
to your door where you were not alone and I thought better of it and
turned back towards my place, where the door was not only unlocked
but slightly ajar, ready to welcome me back.

and it wasn’t until today that I knew the three,
assuredly. their names and what they meant to me.
restraint is an art I intend to master and
a flood was coming, feelings are the secret masters
of me.
I have never been quiet about it.


“dreams #3”

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