the first thing you notice about me is
the way I saunter when I walk anywhere,
even to grab a ginger ale from the cooler
              “it’s my favorite.”
but then linger near the
exit the rest of the night with the crumpled straw
in my hand
and the temper on my tongue
but I’m waiting for a siren
to let this thing out.
      my name is artemis.

sometimes buildings just catch on fire.
you say I always crouch with a
bow in hand.
           “I’m just nervous.”
and that when I am lying I look away really
fast so you can’t see the smile spread
across my face and you know
I fucked your friends
and you know I’ll fuck some more
and you see me on the screen
            my name is Artemis.
parting lips, combing bangs,
practicing inflection as I said
I would.

you said you’ll always remember
the way I laughed LOUD
and so sudden like you were the funniest man in
the whole world.
and I’ll always remember
the first time I was invited anywhere.
         my name is Catarina Kocurek
               may I come in?

you said yes.
no, it’s not that you said yes.
you said “ok”
as I walked across the welcome mat
throwing matches as you swept.

“how guys save me in their phone  #4”


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