1. (chiefly of aircraft) designed in accordance with technology that makes detection by radar or sonar difficult.


“You came out of nowhere,” is the first thing I said to her.
She laughed, “Sorry, I tend to do that.”
I stood frozen. I hated getting caught talking to myself.  I dropped the clump of grass and leaf at the same time. Without anything in my hand, I felt exposed. Her eyes followed the ground where I dropped everything.
“What are you doing?” she said
“I’m just playing,” she made me nervous.
She had long dark hair, dark skin, dark eyes. She was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt like me and white sneakers, kind of dirty like me, and she kind of flittered, even while standing there.
“Can I play too?”
“Well, I was playing kind of like an alone game.”

“Oh,” she looked at the clump of grass I dropped and back up at me.
“Well…I know a not alone game we can play,” she started.
You’re probably thinking, as an adult, that playing with a stranger is off limits, but she was a girl, my age. There was no threat detected. I was embarrassed for sure but up for adventure at any given moment.
“And you love games.”
“Oh,” I emphasized. “When I was young, I RULED games.” I used my thumb to count, “I either had to win, had to make it up so the game was in my favor to start, or had to change the rules in the middle so even if the game was falling out of my favor, I could circle back to winner.”
“Sounds like you had to win.”

“I had to prove might.”
He nodded. The fire was warm. I had heard no more alarms or sirens. It wasn’t that I was comfortable with him, it’s that I knew he was engaged. It was 7:30 pm, black as night, cold as death, bleak as life and I felt the energy in the room shift from one of us could cut a knife to you have a better truth coming.

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