“What’s your game?”
“It’s called…. Pretend Village.”
The girl twiddled her thumbs a little. I could tell she was trying to think of a game.
“What happens in Pretend Village?”

 She shrugged the way kids do. There was an uneven sloppiness to her. Her pink sweatshirt was stained with a gray bluish color a little at the sleeves, kind of like mine get from rummaging or spilling and her jeans had a green streak from kneeling in the grass. I envied the length of her hair but it was uncombed. She and I were unkempt together.
“It’s gonna get dark soon. Not sure if we have time.”
“Ok, what about tomorrow?”
I had no plans or challenging homework. It was the end of September. My first essay had just been turned in and math was easy. Leana was busy, I think, gymnastics she said.
I shrugged, “Ok, I guess, what time?”

She looked behind her towards the church.
I nodded.
“Same spot, ok?” I said.
She kind of hopped and then I turned to walk away and then I heard her run off. I didn’t need to leave, I wanted to. I keep my word though. I would return.

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