January 8 2020

I take inventory: four cans of wet food, almost to the bottom of the dry cat food, one half bag of litter. I have water, gas, just no electricity. I have two bananas, one soy yogurt, a cup full of oatmeal, a handful of raisins, three cans of tuna, some frozen broccoli, brussel sprouts and flounder, and a few smoothie mixes. I have popcorn kernels and coconut oil and tons of seasoning. I have tons of beans but unfortunately, most dry that I have to soak which I decide to do now. I had just gotten one of those long lighters and begin to light the burner. 

It’s 6:16 and I still have no power. I can’t charge my phone so I am trying not to use it. The entire city is out but so is the majority of the East Coast. I must have misread the earlier reports. The northeastern seaboard was sparking like we were and now they are saying it’s the entire coast.  I should have gotten more cat food. This is a good lesson in selected starvation. At varying times in my life, I was able to restrict my food intake due to financial circumstances.
“At least I’ll lose weight.”
I have candles but I should get more. I have fifteen blankets. For now, a gratitude list: gas, water, Genevieve, cat food, a transmutable God I cling to.

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