we are begging you
to run away from this.
throughout my life,
I’ve heard this little voice:
that’s all it would say
and I used to think it was asking me to run
from a feeling or person
or there was a danger in my mind,
as it always happened when I daydreamed.
entombed in that kind of fanciful wave.
the intrusive thought happened
so frequently and  didn’t align
with my natural healing
which was to stare at a mirror
that’s also a lie.
my natural inclination is
to freeze, fight
then flee.

I was told that when it started
a voice that sounded like
mine would start to repeat things to
me but not to be alarmed
try not to repeat them out loud
as she says them.
that was the trick.
keep walking calmly and wait until you
hear run.
always sounding like mine
but less scratchy from the daily
so I can’t discern between
thoughts, preternatural omens
or the fantastic bubble I keep
my life immured inside like
quiet coffin, or

don’t touch that.


I stand up in six inch platforms
my name is Catarina Kacyrek.
jaw shut, stern, no feeling behind
his eyes. me? I’m chilling,
fresh stamped cattle on
cattle ranch.
you polish? he says in
a thick Russian accent.
third generation,
I say without tremble
may I come in?
I have to be invited.
but not only that,
I’m surrounded by two
large men  with two fillets
in mind so I am a bit
stalling.  understanding
suddenly when I hear the
run and also
most men roll in packs,
and a gift:
he who stands at the place,
goes back.

but my first inclination is to
then fight.


“the aliases” or “the woman who saw her own death”

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