I decide abruptly that learning three languages at once is just as easy one. I enjoy puzzles and games. I might need them all anyway

mot is “word” in French so i figure quickly by means of translation and looking at sentence structure that szot is word in Hungarian. That is I translate the sentence first then break down the syntax line by line, in Spanish, French and Hungarian.  On accident I leave off the t once and I learn that

Szo is weave.


It is much easier to learn a language this way then rote memorization or flash cards because I choose to translate large passages either given to me or that I have written in each language. I have a hard time hearing the language when speaking but am excellent at reading comprehension and sentence structure. I write the same sentences over and over: French, Spanish, Hungarian and English to learn the grammar and the words, understanding how each  language differs in placement.

J’aime le mot intensite.

I interject here to remind the audience I visited grave sites in both Paris and Spain to find my long lost sister.


J’aime le mot intensite.

and then I practice inflection.

J’aime le mot necromancie


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