when I am given messages, the ghosts speak in their native tongue at times. sometimes it is more a scrape of their finger along my shoulder and then a quiet rush but sometimes they give me entire passages in their foreign tongue.  it is hard delivering messages to my Puerto Rican friend, usually I say what it sounded like or there is a secret nick name etc. and they can figure it out. i think they did this playfully to urge me to learn mas palabras

I interject here to remind the audience they don’t have to believe you.

the first name I call is Szelanya: may a very soft wind carry me home.

enyhe szel hozhat nekem. Szel means wind. I am the process of evaporation, thereby never landing anywhere. my ancestors want to remind me how far I used to walk and sing. they said I used to hum for everyone and then offer to do cards. some sort of trick for coins.

most people spend their whole life not waking up. I was born searching for something far away, reaching.


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