“I wasn’t afraid of the bullies and that just made the bullies worse.”
–Fiona apple


It took me years to realize the reading was for the future. It also took me years to console myself about it. It took me years to walk flatly in like this: into the web I made. It took me years. That’s what they said too: this would take years. Time, I cannot wrap my head around time. Now I watch you walking backwards and myself too, dangling. I remember everything. I remember the agreement.

I looked for three things in a partner: power, charisma and the want to kill anyone who tries to hurt me. I’ve been told only twice about someone who would kill for love so I have two shots. This is a brief synopsis about training dogs, or the dream about the wolves.  This is the undoing of each one. In no particular order but how I see fit.

First we have the dream, then the mirror, then the shatter, then the walking backwards into the well. then. Then.

I’m always saying then. he’s always saying this will never end. I remember the agreement.






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