go back to this,  pluto in third house, pluto in scorpio, saturn in scorpio, scorpio in fourth house. watch what you say now.


Fear of betrayal. Sensual and passionate.

Opposition between Pluto – Lilith

She may lead a double life. She may have a secret love affair but the secret doesn’t last, or at the very least there are complications. Otherwise, this aspect can point to scandals whether or not they are real.


Pluto in the 3rd house has the ability to gain intellectual power, and massive reserves of concentration with a penetrating and obsessive mind.

“you are brimming with intensity and possibility. you are a skewer coming from the throat straight to their heart. once more girl, we invite you into this. you don’t have to do anything but sit there. and be careful what you say. ”


its always what you write down, or note. everything usually. i don’t mean to say this but


“A powerful element of curiosity and a searching kind of mind are denoted by Pluto’s tenancy of the third house. Very little will be missed by the individual, despite the characteristic tendency to wear a blank facial expression, especially when in boring company, thereby giving the impression that he or she is totally cut off from the surroundings. In fact, everything that is happening and being said will be noted – almost nothing will have escaped the subject’s attention.”

I keep saying this: nothing means a thing to me. be careful what you believe.


“With North Node opposition Pluto, you have an incredible amount of power, as a result of having weathered some tough storms in the past. Now this power is to be distributed carefully. There is a pact with the higher forces about how the power is to be used, and this should not be for selfish purposes. You are not so concerned with what is happening on the surface as with what is going on beneath it. You can be questioning, curious, and probing, often aware of the underlying motivations behind people’s actions.
However, there is difficulty getting this energy properly harnessed so that it doesn’t work against you. Holding onto memories of some old crisis can make you suspicious so you may become manipulative as a way to stay one-up on others. This could be your greatest undoing. You may have a distracting preoccupation with sex and the sensual side of life. Or, there is an intense fascination with death-with the morbid or strange.
Major circumstances in your past life or early childhood may have caused you to become resourceful, self-reliant and distrustful of authority. You likely question prevailing societal values and remain unaffected by trends. This may ignite much opposition in others and resentment within you. Your desire for transformations, deep thinking and intensity clashes with current social mores. Stop letting opposition to your ideas isolate you.”


and be careful what you say.


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