I’d be hard pressed
not to tell you what a doe-eyed
impression you leave: bare
silk chest, moans
to emasculate yourself
and the way
your mouth dropped open
when I opened the door,
recorded in my brain
while something twists my nerves
searing sheath, uncovering,
I’ll remember that.

I’m looking up at you
about to laugh
but know better,
learned to lie still in
quake. I spend days
rehearsing affection
in the mirror.
your hands are kind of
around my neck and
you’re honest to god
the sweetest, warmest thing
I’ve ever met.
I grab your forearm
and dig my nails in.
practicing being
about certain things,
I snap my teeth shut.

please what?
you say.

I’m trying not
to laugh,
just kill me.
I say it again,
hit me.


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